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Advertising Pay Per Click (PPC) or targeted advertising is the most effective means of advertising online. Offers high relevancy ads to users of search engines and Google network websites. In the search engines results our ads appear only in the case where the object search (keywords) are relevant to the subject of advertising (Adwords campaign). Thus the effectiveness of this form ads takes precedence compared with traditional advertising.

The campaign can consist from text, image or video and can be hosted by other websites too with relevant or not relevant content (Google Network) besides search engines. For example, for a sports shoes ad we choose websites with sports content, sports etc. In multiple websites and high traffic issues such as portal we are able to target only the relevant categories of subjects achieving high yields for our advertising.

Alternative Billing Methods

Another important advantage in advertising adwords are the billing options. These options are set by the advertiser. If you choose pay-per-click (PPC) pay only when someone clicks on the ad, the amount for each click. The cost per click is defined again by the campaign manager. In cases of a highly competitive category, cost per click should be expanded to display the ad. In these cases there is a minimum appearance cost. There is also the Cost Per Impressions (CPM) option, which you pay in total when completed 1000 ad impressions. And here again the cost is defined by the administrator.

Experience, knowledge and keywords research for reduced advertising costs

The Google advertising system is a fairly complex program with excellent opportunities for those involved. Last more and more companies are turning to this form of advertising thereby increasing competition between them, and thus increased the cost of advertising. In Chilloutapps we have the knowledge of the Google network and adwords mechanism management experience to combine the effective promotion of your business with the lowest possible cost.

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