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Email marketing remains the primary kind of advertising today. It helps us advertise our products and our services to thousands of recipients quickly and massively as often as we want (the most common of the two missions per month may work negatively for most recipients). We maintain our customers contact and we grab the opportunity to attract new customers and all these at very low cost.

Chilloutapps create attractive and technically well promotional. We aim for efficiency, ie to manage the email to reach your inbox (inbox) of the recipient and may not be found in the spam folder (spam). Appear correctly regardless of what email client (Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Yahoo etc.) sees his mail recipient and finally fulfill its purpose, transfer the recipient to the website to fulfill his goal.

We give the site visitors the opportunity to register themselves on the mailing lists by adding their email address in the corresponding registration form. We do not use purchased email lists and abide by the rules and terms of use, set by the shipping company without become annoying to the recipients.

Email Marketing Features

  • Enhancing communication
  • Speed communication
  • Low cost (affordable for small businesses)
  • Real time directly measurable results
  • Statistics

Terms of Use correct operation of Email Marketing

Sending bulk mail to recipients without their approval, dangerous for you and for the company that manages the mission. For this reason, if the manager realized that violated the terms of use will be blocked and will require sending the necessary documents for the lawful acquisition of the address list. The software we use to collect mailing addresses using advanced techniques for maximum avoid misleading email addresses, resulting in greater security for your benefit.

Basic rules on legal and ethical handling of Email Marketing Service is:

  • The mission of the mail accompanied by the recipient approval.
  • Indicating list link removal in a visible place in the promotional email, but also through the website.
  • The content is not offensive
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