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Display Ads a thousand words

Display ads can be static or animated (animation). These ads appear only on the Google Display Network. Combining two great advantages, the power of the image and the great performance that targeted advertising model offers, gives precedence to advertisers.

We create separate campaigns for each product or service with better campaign management and organization. We enrich the campaign with ads containing pictures or images, with motion (Image Ads / Rich media) for more impressive results to the audience.

The advertising banners follow the proposed design sizes to fit perfectly on the sites that will accommodate. We use the Google Display Ad Builder tool for quick and easy advertisements modifications. We can add our own text, logo, picture or video to any of the ad templates we have available and within minutes have a full range of audiovisual advertising.

Attract new customers by video advertising

The video advertisement is very exciting and brings a strong product awareness. Distributed and placed on websites that belong to Google Display Network collaborators. Thus more and more companies are adopting the video advertisement through their website to communicate with the audience or to display their products more directly.

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Display ads Performance view-through conversion tracking

With this feature you could count the number of ad impressions on the network partners (Google Display Network) which have been turned into an action.

These events are:

  • subscribing to our mailing list
  • write to the database of the website
  • direct sales, with an e-shop case

So knowing the Return On Investment (ROI) invest more in advertising with greater efficiency.

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