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Google Adwords

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Online advertising from Google

Advertising Pay Per Click (PPC) or targeted advertising is the most effective means of advertising online. Offers high relevancy ads to users of search engines and Google network websites. In the search engines results our ads appear only in the case where the object search (keywords) are relevant to the subject of advertising (Adwords campaign). Read More

Display ads

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Display Ads a thousand words

Display ads can be static or animated (animation). These ads appear only on the Google Display Network. Combining two great advantages, the power of the image and the great performance that targeted advertising model offers, gives precedence to advertisers. Read More

Email Marketing

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Effectiveness in advertising. Affordable prices

Email marketing remains the primary kind of advertising today. It helps us advertise our products and our services to thousands of recipients quickly and massively as often as we want (the most common of the two missions per month may work negatively for most recipients). We maintain our customers contact and we grab the opportunity to attract new customers and all these at very low cost. Read More

Social Media Marketing

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Word Of Mouth Marketing

Referring to the Word Of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) which includes the Social Media Marketing as well as other techniques to promote a comprehensive strategy for products, services, public figures and organizations. Read More