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Simplicity and uniqueness = recognition and memorization

Logo design tuck the message of a complex reference to something simple, clear and concise. Replace the written word when the public does not have the time or inclination to read. You will never find a tag with a detailed report about the product. Instead, it has a name or a symbol. When consumers see the label will know that the product has all the features for which have selected.

In the world there are thousands of written and spoken dialects. Apart from these, there is a large array of visual languages that communicate more effectively and globally. In optical communication languages logos play a leading role and functions emphasizing values in millions.

Logo can be an image, a figure, a word or a combination of two or more of the above elements. The simplicity, uniqueness and metaphor is our key criteria for a successful design.

Logo design simplicity is equal to the force. The less complicated both aimed directly at issue. More memorable and effective it is. The uniqueness shows the optical resolution, it helps when your mark has to compete for attention in a crowded – packed market. The use of the metaphor is the core of the logo history. Stronger metaphor, stronger story, stronger story, more memorable logo.

We deliver the final draft in absolute vector format EPS, AI, PDF. Check out some successful logo design projects.

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