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Illuminated signs serve as a means of recognizing and highlighting. Becomes drivers, especially in cases where the firm’s location is not easily accessible. As an example, a store in case lost in a number of other inscriptions. It’s an integral component of the overall corporate visual identity and contributes significantly in business promotion.

Chilloutapps has the experience needed to suggest solutions and design your own, unique and catchy illuminated sign design highlighting the best features of your brand.

Professional manufacturers

Our exclusive partner in illuminated signs construction is Protasis Signs technical advertising company. The expertise, the advanced equipment, excellent materials and experienced technicians guarantee excellent aesthetic results and very fast construction and installation process.

Materials and lighting

Illuminated signs from plexiglass, aluminum, embossed lettering and shapes, stainless steel, plastic and pvc. Wall stickers, letters and drawings for application on glasses and shop windows are some more options. Using led lighting is gaining more ground, providing light quality and low power consumption. Fluorescent lighting is more cheap to implement but it will cost more long term. The cost of power consumption is one very important factor to calculate correctly when creating an illuminated sign, otherwise a wrong choice can prove costly.

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