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Web design purpose and actual results

A simple website nowadays is not unexpected. But this is not enough for the company to acquire an active role in the Internet market and stand up to competition. To fulfill their needs websites have to combine the best visual elements, technical data and basic structures such as the layout, content, navigation, management (back end), but also a powerful optimization and promotion strategy.

A successful website takes the visitor from the information to achieve the objective might be:

  • Download List
  • Subscribe to Newsletter
  • Request for a product / service supply
  • Product / service
  • Booking online service
  • Compare products / services

In Chilloutapps we have the knowledge and experience to measure and evaluate the achievement of the goals we have set for each site (Conversion Rate) using the Google Analytics and Google AdWords tools. The results of these measurements help us to optimize those methods that will increase the (Conversion Rate) percentage. The techniques vary depending on the purpose and scope of the website.

In House Content Management System

For web design and e-shop development we use Chilloutapps In House content management system. This software was designed and developed from scratch providing unique management capabilities, visibility and promotion. Because we are the application developers, we can be further developed it to meet new generated business needs (module development).

Html5 & Responsive Web Design

Chilloutapps web design meets the functionality, usability, speed and aesthetics. We follow the rules of w3c and web standards. For development use only basic text editors, to have complete control over programming and behavior.

Search engines and their behavior is always our priorities for the strategic development and planning. Our website design are tested and fully compatible with all known browsers and on all known platforms. We use html5 and apply Responsive Web Design techniques for optimal imaging experience, navigation and reading pages from handhelds, smartphones, tablets etc..

Reasons to hire us

  • We know the media called Internet a long time before it became known to the public.
  • We create websites just by using a plain text editor. We do not use programs that produce code html, css, xml, php, js, sql, simple we design with code.
  • Because we do not like to be dependent on others we designed our cms – e-shop platform with unique capabilities world wide.
  • Our work and the opinion of our customers are the biggest arguments.
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