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Word Of Mouth Marketing

Referring to the Word Of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) which includes the Social Media Marketing as well as other techniques to promote a comprehensive strategy for products, services, public figures and organizations.

Due to the personal nature on communication between individuals has demonstrated that persuades more than other marketing methods. In this case the marketers utilizing the sincerity and selflessness of the person carrying the message for the benefit of the listener. The more satisfied the customer stays with the product or service the more it enhances the reputation of the brand to the audience of social networks and vice versa.

To promote and manage WOMM advertisers use marketing techniques and preexisting networks Social Media Networks (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc..) Through which achieved the desired noise (Buzz) usually aims to increase Brand Awareness and Reputation Management.

For companies the advantage of Social Media involving is great. Have the opportunity to get direct customer feedback, listen to the consumers voices and react to solve any problems.

Facebook Ads

A complementary service to social media Marketing is advertising on Facebook. Shown to millions of visitors and can be customized to target the widest possible audience you wish. The campaign may appear in certain visitor groups based on geographical and demographic data. Advertising model is Pay Per Click (PPC) but with more affordable cost per click compared to Google Adwords.

If you want to benefit from the customer participation in making critical decisions about their products or services through dialogue and interaction of Social Media, please contact us and we will be glad to help you.

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