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Products packaged for security, maintenance, transportation and storage. The packaging is an integral component of a product. In combination with the label contribute to creating the image of the product.

The main functions of the package are:

  • Protects the product from external factors such as humidity, dust, light Ms.
  • Gives uniqueness to the product and differentiates it from other similar products on the shelves.
  • It helps to sell the product.
  • It allows the consumer to buy the product in bulk and use it in installments as with many products available in bulk. Usually stressed the savings with this option.
  • It takes into account the protection of consumers. The package protects children from the use of products that may be hazardous to their health such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, detergents etc..
  • A functional package contributes to convenient transportation and storage of the product.

Because it is not just a quality product, or a low price to attract a consumer, must be given special attention in the design and manufacture of packaging. The more attractive, ergonomic and consumer-friendly, the more likely is the choice of product. Eco-friendly packaging and packaging generally less polluting tend latter being most preferred.

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